If you’d like to read The Claverhouse Emails offline, you can download an ebook version of the first 12 installments here:

The Claverhouse Emails Volume One

It’s a Pay What You Want link, which means that although the default price is set to $2, you can pay as much or as little as you please – even nothing, if you’re especially low on funds. Please do consider supporting this site, as any and all payments will help cover running costs and provide an incentive for me to unearth new emails.

The link is powered by Gumroad, which means it’s entirely secure and your details won’t be used by anyone else. It lets you download a zip file that contains versions of the ebook in three different formats – MOBI (for Kindle), EPUB and PDF. This should cover most popular ereader formats: if you’re looking for an ereader app for your smartphone or PC, you can download one for free from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. And if you need to convert an ebook file from one format to another, Calibre is an excellent free utility that makes the whole process pretty simple and usually gives good results.

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